Lucifer was successful in his grand plan to kickstart the second war with Heaven and seize control of all creation... but does he truly know all the players involved, or how their involvement will affect everyone left behind? These thirteen terrifying tales ranging from Shakespeare to spirits, Kaiju to Cthulhu, and angels to aliens result in the shocking revelations linking all the NIGHTMARE WORLD stories into one massive epic, solidifying its place as the most ambitious horror anthology of a generation. Read this book as a stand-alone horror anthology all written by Dirk Manning and illustrated by artists including Seth Damoose, Dan Dougherty, Josh Ross, Howie Noel, John Marroquin, and more and then go back and re-read the whole series to see how this epic tale of Lucifer, Lilith, and Cthulhu s bid to take over the world slowly unfolded in front of your very eyes over the course of four volumes of 52 total tales of terror! Imagine if every episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE was revealed to be part of one massive story... and you ll start to get an idea of the epic horror adventure that is NIGHTMARE WORLD. Derek Becker, Comic Pros and Cons